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Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Classroom Management Program

We know finding a new software program to manage your school's student information and parent communications is probably not what you want to be doing right now.  So "going with the flow" may be tempting,  but how do you know for sure the "suggested" product will be the right fit for your school? 

If not, say good-bye to real time data.

Software programs that are not 100% cloud-based are now considered antiquated. The "suggested" program is not 100% cloud-based. Part of it lives on a server and part of it in the cloud. This is important to you because when a software isn't fully cloud-based, it means your school will have to "push" nightly updates of the data your teachers input from your server to their system in the cloud so parents can access it. Even if that program has a mobile app, the student info parents get on it will not be real-time. That lag in up-to-date information can create problems for parents making decisions for their students, and adversely impact parent-teacher communications.

Forget about integrating with your favorite apps.

We all know that technology is changing by the minute. The suggested program's split platform can't accommodate a seamless  integration  with new technologies that already live in the cloud. The ability to integrate seamlessly with favorite apps and programs like QuickbooksOnline, for example, expands your schools capabilities for the now and the future,  and helps your school grow.

Prepare to wait for access during software updates.

Not being 100% cloud-based also affects software updates and backups. When a feature is added or adjusted to a software program that is not 100% cloud-based, those updates will have to be pushed to your server periodically which can result in teachers and parents losing access to the program for a period of time. Same thing for backing up your data, which is manual.

1. Is it 100% Cloud-based?

MySchoolWorx is:

100% cloud-based 

  • Real-time data, all the time
  • Real-time grades, assignments
  • Real-time alerts for parents
  • No manual updates or backups
  • No "spooling" or "cueing"
  • Integrates seamlessly with QuickbooksOnline and many other savvy online apps to come!
  • Always technologically  advanced and ahead

Ready to get a peek inside MySchoolWorx?

MySchoolWorx is:

The Easiest SIS You'll Ever Use! 

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Colorful icons lead the way
  • Add info quickly -  50% fewer clicks to achieve tasks than other programs 
  • Take attendance, create lesson plans & schedules in just seconds
  • All your data auto-updates and saves
  • Send parents messages, email and texts directly from  MySchoolWorx

2. How Easy is it to Use?

"Easy to use" is a relative term. How can you be sure it's really easy for your team before buying?  Having certain features is only part of a program's value. If it's not easy to use, it's value quickly fades. (Ask any teacher). Truth is, teachers (like all of us) have varying degrees of tech-savvy. They don't have a lot of time to learn and use a new program. So, you need a program with the shortest learning curve and one that enables them to navigate quickly. A program that is intuitive. Programs like the "suggested" one sometimes force users to create notes for finding their way around because there are multiple clicks or steps to perform tasks. And that is not intuitive.  

What should you look for in an intuitive program? 

An instant hallmark of "easy-to-use" lies in the programs' design. Pictures resonate instantly and universally. Words take time to read. Are tasks icon-based (sometimes called "click a pic"). How many clicks does it take to perform a task? Are things visually easy to understand and access?

Make a list. 

Make a short list of the tasks your teachers perform most and compare the "suggested" program to MySchoolWorx. You'll see why MySchoolWorx takes less time to use instantly.

Get a Demo and Test Drive

Have your teachers sit in on a demo of MySchoolWorx with one of our ambassadors, then get the free trial and test drive it. Seeing (and using) is believing.

3. What do set up, training and live support cost?

MySchoolWorx has:

Free Set up, Free Training,

 Free Live Support

  • Free data migration and set up
  • Unlimited free training for teachers and admins
  • Unlimited free live technical support for teachers, admins and parents!

If the answer isn't "FREE"  you could blow your budget.

We know money doesn't grow on trees for private schools like yours. You've got to get the best value for your hard won dollars. That's why MySchoolWorx provides free set up and unlimited training. And, unlike other programs, MySchoolWorx provides unlimited live technical support for EVERYONE who uses it.

To view a list of features visit, or contact us for a live demonstration of MySchoolWorx to see it in action.

MySchoolWorx features

MySchoolWorx is extremely easy to use. It's colorful icon-based design makes finding your way around simple and fun.        Some key features:

  • Attendance
  • Lesson Plans
  • Gradebook
  • Schedules
  • Assignments
  • Order Lunches
  • Discipline
  • eMail Messaging
  • Alerts
  • Parent Texting
  • Events Calendars
  • More...

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